How do I switch modes?
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Sending transactions on most blockchain networks requires a small amount of the blockchains native currency (Ethereum's native currency is Ether) much like your credit card or bank sometimes has a processing fee. If you'd like to try out the app without using real money/crypto, you can use the app in Test-mode.

Follow these steps to switch the app to Test-Mode:

  1. Please ensure you have access to your passphrase or private key if you'd like to use the same wallet address on another mode.

    • Your passphrase was provided to you when you first created your wallet. If you have misplaced it we cannot recover it for you.

    • Your private key can be accessed via Profile > Security > View private key.

      • You can copy your private key and store it somewhere secure.

  2. Open your Profile and navigate to Preferences

  3. Turn ON experimental features

  4. When enabled, tap switch to Test-Mode.


The app must reload to successfully switch modes. If it is your first time using Original Works on the selected mode, you will be landed back at the welcome screen where you can either create a new wallet or use your existing wallet to access the app on the selected mode.

If you choose to use your existing wallet, you will need to provide your passphrase or private key (see step 1 above). You will then be required to secure the app with a PIN and re-input any profile information you'd like to use on the selected mode (it can be different between networks if desired).

You will only be asked to do this when you use a new network for the first time. The next time you switch, you will be able to sign in automatically.

Your wallet on test-mode cannot see or interact with funds, assets or agreements you may have stored in your wallet on live-mode and vice-versa. This is because these modes support different blockchains.

We support the following blockchains on Live-Mode:

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Polygon (coming soon)

We support the following blockchains on Test-Mode:

  • Ethereum Kovan Testnet

  • BSC Testnet

  • Polygon Mumbai Testnet

Adding Funds to Test-Mode

To add some funds (to cover testnet transaction costs) to your test-mode wallet, you can retrieve small amounts via the available test network faucets. All you need is your wallet address. To copy your wallet address, open the QR Code option from your profile and tap Share address ( you can copy it from here).

Testnet MATIC can be requested from the following Polygon Mumbai faucets:

Testnet BNB can be requested from the following Binance Smart Chain faucet:

Testnet ETH can be requested from the following Ethereum Goerli faucet:

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