A registered asset is the digital record of a real-world song (also known as a musical work), sound recording, or release (ie. single, EP, LP, compilation). It can be used to record ownership and collection splits with collaborators, labels, publishers, and anyone else with an Ethereum wallet address. Once registered it can then be set up to receive daily, weekly or monthly royalty payments from online music services.

To receive royalty payments via a registered asset, it must be distributed by one of our partner platforms. These include:

To register an asset:

  1. From a partner platform (such as, Revelator), select an asset from your catalog and click to Register it on Original Works. What types of assets can be registered?

  2. Choose whether to register the asset with Ownership & Collection or Ownership Only rights. Learn more about Ownership and Collection

  3. From Original Works, tap to Scan & Register an asset

    • Accessed at any time from plus icon in the tab bar, or

    • From the Getting Started page seen after creating your wallet.

  4. Locate and scan the asset's QR code displayed on the partner platform.

  5. Review the metadata and information received from the partner platform.

  6. Add rights holders and assign their share (total shares available: 1M) of the asset. Do all stakeholders need a wallet to receive shares and associated payments?

    • You can also designate which rights holders have admin-level permissions on the asset, giving them greater access to how the asset is managed on Original Works. Learn more about admins vs non-admins

    • If you can't find a rights holder, you can invite them to create a wallet then transfer their share after registering the asset.

  7. Confirm the details are correct and register your asset.

    • Once registered all rights holders will be notified upon receiving their shares and your asset should appear at the top of the Assets page.

Once your asset is officially registered on Original Works, your next royalty payment will be sent directly to your wallet.

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