You can send payments to any agreement if you have the agreement's public address. 

Please note: You must have a small amount of Ethereum’s native currency, Ether available in your wallet to cover the cost of making transactions. Learn more about the network fee

To send payment to an agreement:

  • Open the agreement you would like to send payment to

  • Tap Show QR code to display the agreement's public address

  • Tap Share address and copy it

  • Navigate to your wallet and tap Send or request

  • Enter an amount and tap Send

  • Paste the agreement's public address as the recipient

  • Add a note (optional)

  • Tap Next to review the transaction before sending

  • Confirm the details are correct and send

Once completed all rights holders will be notified when they receive their share of the payment. If you send a payment to an agreement that you hold shares in, you will still receive your share of the total amount sent.

A chronological history of all payments is available within the agreement details under ‘Payments received’.

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