Sending transactions on most blockchain networks requires a small amount of the blockchains native currency (Ethereum's native currency is Ether) much like your credit card or bank sometimes has a processing fee. This network fee displayed is the live cost for your transaction to be processed efficiently.

If you do not have enough to pay for the transaction, you will not be able to proceed. Learn how to add funds

We currently support the following blockchains:

  • OWN Private Chain (All transactions are currently FREE)

  • Ethereum Mainnet (Ether is required to cover transaction cost)

    • Ethereum Testnets (Kovan & Ropsten) also supported

  • Binance Smart Chain (Binance Coin is required to cover transaction cost)

The following transactions require a small amount of native currency to process on Ethereum:

  • Sending payments

  • Transferring asset or agreement shares

  • Registering assets

  • Creating agreements

  • Receiving payments via assets or agreements (e.g. royalties or other direct payments)

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