A registered asset is the digital record of a real-world song (also known as a musical work), sound recording, or release (ie. single, EP, LP, compilation). It can be used to record ownership and collection splits with collaborators, labels, publishers, and anyone else with an Ethereum wallet address. Once registered it can then be set up to receive daily, weekly or monthly royalty payments from online music services.

To receive royalty payments via a registered asset, it must be distributed by one of our partner platforms. These include:

To register an asset:

  • Tap the plus button in the tab bar

  • Choose Scan and register an asset

  • Follow the instructions to scan the asset's QR code

  • Review the asset metadata and information received from the partner platform

  • Add rights holders and assign their shares (the total shares available is 1,000,000)

  • Confirm the asset to be registered

Once registered all rights holders will be notified upon receiving their shares.

No technical skills are needed to register or tokenize an asset.

Please note: You must have a small amount of Ethereum’s native currency, Ether in your wallet to cover the cost of registering an asset. Learn more about the network fee

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