The music industry is on a growth curve once again, after two decades of digital disruption to its economic and business models. Goldman Sachs expects global streaming revenue to hit $100B by 2030, more than 500% from 2017 revenue.

Independent creators have new ways of producing, marketing and monetizing their work on online platforms, but protecting their copyrights, and collecting their royalties around the world is still slow, opaque, inefficient and incredibly challenging.

Consequently, rights holders are left without the ability to capture the full revenue opportunity from the growth of streaming as they lack the basic mechanisms for direct licensing of their creative work in today’s online economy.

Maximizing the value of IP presents a major challenge to the entire creative economy. 

A new technical, economic and legal framework is needed to effectively secure and protect intellectual property rights, efficiently register copyrights, increase the speed of royalty collection and frequency of distributions, with fully transparent account reporting, and instant payments.

To address these challenges, we introduced Original Works, a digital asset platform, smart contract powered wallet and decentralized protocol for copyright and royalty distribution secured on the blockchain.

Original Works enables creators and rights owners to register their creative works and secure their copyright, broker instant contracts, license rights and content usage, receive royalties as they are generated, and get paid directly to their digital wallet. 

Original Works aims to set a new standard for the creative industry by modernizing an aging legacy copyright stack with new protocols for creative works administration. Our goal is to build a bridge to the future of copyright; one that is digital, open, fast, programmable, compliant and liquid.

In a global landscape of increasing demand for online consumption, we want to ensure that all creators can take advantage of the wealth creation and distribution opportunities enabled by a new technological shift created by peer-to-peer finance, and decentralized networks.

We hope you will join us on this transformative journey.

Download the iOS app and get started by creating your wallet.

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