Original Works is a smart contract powered wallet application and decentralized protocol for copyright and royalty distribution.

Using Original Works, creators, music makers and rights owners can more efficiently register their creative work, capture splits with collaborators, digitally sign and store their agreements in a highly secure manner, and collect royalties faster directly to their  wallet, all while leveraging next generation blockchain-based protocols.

Original Works aims to create the most trusted digital business network for creative assets by providing the necessary infrastructure, protocols and applications using a shared, standard and extensible data format. 

While this may sound complicated, it simply means that we build the distributed enterprise software to make it easy for any artist/creator to issue blockchain-based tokens for a creative work, where the tokens offer creative collaborators fractional ownership, or income rights in the underlying work, providing near real-time visibility and settlement of sales transactions to participants in the network, and allowing calculation of royalty positions while still retaining confidentiality of agreements across entities.

Original Works provides working creative professionals the suite of tools they need to manage their business online and an easy way for them to record all of their business, legal and financial transactions on our blockchain-powered network. 

This revolutionary record-keeping technology enables creators and IP rights owners from around the world to securely register their works and copyright, broker instant contracts, license rights and content receive royalties as they generated, and paid directly to their digital wallet. 

We recognize that today’s artist is comfortable using online tools to collaborate, co-create, manage their content distribution and marketing. 

Our aim is to create a vibrant ecosystem of the world’s creative IP supply chain, bringing together in one community creators, managers, rights holders and buyers of creative and music-related IP and enable a sustainable ecosystem.

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